The forging of an Epekeina bowl from a silver plate of 1 mm
with a diameter of 40 cm

Take a smooth silver sheet


First raise the silver


I raise the silver with a 375 gr raising hammer


Steadily I forge in circles, starting in the middle and working my way outwards


I anneal regularly, but not too often, or the silver will become brittle


I keep on raising the silver


I keep on raising the silver


I keep on raising the silver


Next I smooth out the bottom or side


And anneal again


Raising the inside and top


Now I shape the top and bottom.
The transition between the two must be fluid



The bottom, which will become the outside


I achieve this by raising the bottom


Now I am as good as done.
This bowl is not planished, just forged with a raising hammer.


An Epekeina as decorative bowl


An Epekeina as object

You can find the Epekeina and other silver bowls in Large Silverwork



International modelright applies to all pieces shown here.

Photos: Willem Tredgett